We strive to be open and responsive, and we encourage congregants to participate fully in the decision-making processes within Temple Judea.

Leadership at Temple Judea extends beyond synagogue governance. Our congregation takes seriously the obligation to be a civic leader in the larger community. And, we proactively stand against anti-Semitism and advocate for Israel and a just world.

Our Officers and Trustees have all signed the covenant below, and placed the document in our ark as a demonstration of our commitment to the synagogue and our community:

We are governed by an Executive Board which works with all of our committees. Our committees are delegated broad leeway to develop and manage their particular programs.

Members of the Temple Judea Executive Board pledge to do the following:

● Be members in good standing.
● Support and maintain good communication with our clergy and our professional staff.
● Treat all Temple employees with courtesy and support clear and fair HR practices.
● Maintain confidentiality when appropriate or necessary.
● Be a role model for Jewish values and participate in opportunities for Jewish learning.
● Keep the best interests of the congregation at heart in all decision-making.
● Attend board meetings; come prepared to do the work of the board; conform to ground rules; start and
end meetings on time.
● Remain open to considering and discussing new ideas.
● Act as a positive and gracious ambassador for Temple Judea while representing the congregation in the
greater community.
● Put enthusiasm and care into all endeavors.
● Get to know members of the congregation; welcome new members and visitors.
● Attend synagogue functions; be familiar with synagogue operations and events.

Board Members

President Joel Weiner joelw@templejudea.org
Past President Ken Kaplan ken@kenkaplan.com
Treasurer Spence Snyderman spencecpa1@gmail.com
VP Ritual Martin Getzow mbgetzow@gmail.com
VP Education Laurie Ann Moore windadct@comcast.net
VP Community Liz Hamburg eahamberg@gmail.com
VP Administration Marc Baylin mbaylin@baylinartists.com
At Large Stephen Kraiman
At Large Andy Kind-Rubin akindrubin@gmail.com
At Large Robin Silber robin@silbergroup.com
At Large Eric Rotman eric.rotman@bms.com
At Large Rich Greenberg mrrgbg1014@verizon.net
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