Is your family  looking to bond with other Jewish families in the area? Perhaps you’re trying to instill worship in your family life or just trying to reinforce the values of your home. Temple Judea offers wonderful opportunities for your family- our monthly Munchkin Minyan, annual Chanukah celebration with TJ’s live band and hot off the griddle latkes, dancing the night away at TJ’s Simchat Torah party and our themed Shabbat services. All offer ways for your family to feel connected to their Jewish roots.

But being a part of community is more than just worship. It is also about meeting and connecting with other families. At Temple Judea we make relationships that last a lifetime. At our preschool, Small Wonders at Temple Judea, parents support one another as they send their little ones off on their first time away from home. That friendship is only strengthened as we watch the children grow in our respected Religious school program as they prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and on through Confirmation. Along the way there are picnics, play dates, moms’ nights out, football viewing parties and dozens of other popular events.

Your kids will form their own bonds in our youth group JUSTY. The coffee house, community service, dinners out and laser tag adventures that our children create and plan allow our youth to be their own strong voice in the Temple Judea community.

Come with your family and join ours at Temple Judea. There are memories to be made together that will last a lifetime.

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