As it says in Temple Judea's vision statement:

Our leaders are open, responsive and capable. We empower congregants to participate fully in the decision-making processes within Temple Judea. We nurture the partnership between lay leaders and clergy as a cornerstone of a successful synagogue. We support our leaders and offer them opportunities for learning, growth and skills development. Leadership at Temple Judea extends beyond synagogue governance. Our congregation must be a civic leader in the larger community. As Jewish role models, we proactively stand against anti-Semitism and advocate for Israel and a just world. 

Our Officers and Trustees have all signed the covenant below, and placed the document in our ark as a demonstration of our committment to the synagogue and our community:


Members of the Temple Judea Board of Trustees agree to do the following:

  • Keep current with membership dues and capital campaign pledges and support the synagogue through fund raising efforts when able.
  • Provide support and maintain good communication with the Rabbi and professional staff; treat all temple employees with courtesy; support clear and fair HR practices.
  • Volunteer a minimum of three times a year as a greeter at Shabbat services and/or Board representative for B’nai Mitzvah services.
  • Maintain confidentiality when appropriate or necessary. Be a role model for Jewish values and participate in opportunities for Jewish learning.
  • Keep the best interests of the congregation at heart in all decision-making.
  • Attend board meetings; come prepared to do the work of the board; conform to ground rules; start and end meetings on time.
  • Remain open to considering and discussing new ideas.
  • Be an active participant of at least one Temple Judea committee.
  • Maintain a respectful tone at meetings and in interactions with congregants; be a role model in all interactions.
  • Act as a positive and gracious ambassador for Temple Judea while representing the congregation in the greater community.
  • Put enthusiasm and care into all endeavors.
  • Get to know members ofthecongregation; welcome new members and visitors.
  • Attend synagogue functions; be familiar with synagogue operations and events.


President     Ken Kaplan 215.230.1820 ken@kenkaplan.com
1st Vice President Joel Weiner 609.504.2493 joelsweiner@gmail.com
2nd Vice President Risa Neiman 215.489.3580 ranbeach@comcast.net
Secretary Laurie Ann Moore 215.489.1396 windadct@comcast.net
Treasurer Joel Weiner 609.504.2493 joelsweiner@gmail.com
Financial Secretary Richard Greenberg 215.343.8252 mrrgbg1014@verizon.net


A League of Our Own Rita Cohen 215.672.8378 ritarcohen@verizon.net
Men's Club Mike Kogan 215.801.0152 mikekogan@comcast.net
Past President Brian Hochberg 215.491.4176 bhoch3@comcast.net
Ritual Andy Kind-Rubin 215.340.9054 akindrubin@verizon.net
At Large Marc Baylin 267.880.3356 mbaylin@baylinartists.com
At Large Martin Getzow 215.348.4149 mbgetzow@gmail.com
At Large Jerry Grater 215.348.4780 graterg@verizon.net
At Large Liz Hamberg 267.544.0337 eahamberg@gmail.com
At Large Robin Silber 215.598.8832 robin@silbergroup.com
At Large Marcia Philipson 215.230.0830 mpmof3@comcast.net
At Large Rich Yoffee 215.343.0763 richyoffee@verizon.net
At Large Eric Rotman 215.340.1002 eric.rotman@bms.com
At Large Stephen Kraiman 267.337.2880 skraiman@gmail.com


Temple Judea of Bucks County
38 Rogers Road
PO Box 109
Furlong, PA 18925


For questions or membership information, call or email
P: 215.348.5022 | F: 215.268.3410 | judea@templejudea.org