S.I.G.’s—Special Interest Groups

Join an interest group and have fun. There are various interest groups that have formed and are still to be formed at Temple Judea.

Roomier Nesters Group is for people who have high school and/or college age kids and facing a”roomier nest”.  We are currently doing a monthly “support group” style meeting on the third Sunday of the month (which just means we get together and share the highs and lows of the roomier nest). We also do fun social events from time to time.  Contact Kira Kraiman at kiradeara813@gmail.com.

Fantasy Football (contact Brian Hochberg) bhoch3@comcast.net
Biking Club (contact Jerel Wohl) jerel.wohl@verizon.net
Golf Club (contact Paul Moore) paul.j.moore@comcast.net
Temple Judea Choir (contact Margery Hewitt) boosey.boosey@verizon.net

The Temple Judea Choir is a congenial and welcoming group of people who love to sing and enjoy prayer through music. Reading music is a plus but not a prerequisite for joining. If you can carry a tune, the choir needs you!

We always sing at the High Holiday services as well as at other special services throughout the year (e.g. Yom Hashoah). When we are preparing music for a service we rehearse every 1-2 weeks.

What S.I.G. will you start????

Temple Judea has many active committees that engage in a variety of activities and programs in support of the life of our congregation. If meetings aren’t your thing, consider Men’s Club, Sisterhood or A League of Our Own. Before joining a committee or committing to a long-term project, try helping with one event or program such as the annual Rummage Sale or the Spring Fundraiser. Extra hands are always appreciated and volunteering is a great way to meet new people, have fun and feel good about your contribution.

Feel free to contact our office, contact any board member or committee chair to learn more.

Adult Education Committee

The Temple Judea Adult Education Committee is dedicated to presenting Jewish learning and understanding to the congregation. A wide diversity of topics is presented in programs such as regular Saturday morning Torah study, Lunch and Learns with the Rabbi, our new At-a-Home Series, weekday evening and Sunday morning seminars. People at all levels of learning and interest may enjoy and benefit from our offerings. Anyone interested in participating in the planning of our programs is welcome.

Chair: Larry Roth
Staff Liaison: Gail Becker

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds committee is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of our Synagogue facilities. The committee is involved in responding to emergent concerns, handling existing requirements such as preventive maintenance and remedial repairs, assisting in management of relevant contracts and agreements and makes recommendations to the board. The committee is also responsible for establishing a budget for facilities operations and janitorial services.

Committee Chair: Paul Moore
Staff Liaison: Gail Becker

Chesed Committee (Caring Community)

Chesed’s goal is to support congregants in need and to nurture connections within the Temple community. We have nearly 100 volunteers who have expressed their willingness to help with many tasks including, but not limited to, preparing a meal, attending a shiva minyan, driving a congregant to the Temple or to a doctor’s appointment or visiting a hospitalized congregant. Our committee members share tasks as their schedules allow (serving as the care manager for one month during the year or writing condolence cards); a small commitment of time. We are blessed to be part of such a caring community!

Chair: Judy Geackel

Early Learning Center Committee

A primary function of the ELC Committee– in conjunction with the ELC Director– is to uphold the mission of the nursery school and kindergarten (see mission statement below). The ELC Committee is also responsible for reviewing the next year’s operating budget as submitted by the Director, developing and updating any policy-related content to the Parent’s Guide, receiving regular staffing and enrollment updates from the Director, and responding to monthly director’s reports regarding the day to day function of the school. The Committee also works cooperatively with the ELC Director to enhance educational programming and encourage continued growth of the school. Other functions include advocating for the school both within the temple community and the community at large and maintaining open communication with the Board of Trustees, educational staff, clergy, and other synagogue committees as necessary.

Early Learning Center Mission statement

Temple Judea’s Early Learning Center provides a comprehensive and enriching early childhood education, serving members of our congregational family and the community at large. Celebrating the uniqueness of each child, our curriculum is designed to foster all aspects of development. We inspire a lifelong appreciation of, and commitment to Jewish values and ideals. Our dedicated staff is composed of nurturing and caring individuals who maintain high professional standards. The Nursery School and Kindergarten community is a vital and integral part of the vibrant life at Temple Judea.

Chairs: Elizabeth Hamberg
Staff Liaison: Sheryl Milstein

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for development of the congregation’s annual operating budget. The committee meets 3 or 4 times in February/March to review budget models, dues/fees schedules and historical spending information. The committee then makes a final budget and dues/fees schedule recommendation to the Board of Trustees for review and approval at the March Board meeting. Once approved by the Board of Trustees, the proposed budget and dues/fees schedule are communicated to the congregation for approval at the annual congregational meeting held during the last week of April.

Chair: Joel Weiner
Staff Liaison: Gail Becker

Gift Shop

The Temple Judea gift shop, carries many items for your holiday needs and life cycle events. We can help with items needed for Bar and Bat Mitzvah. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know as many items are available for order through our catalogs.

Merchants: Fran Delcau

A League of Our Own

“A League of Our Own” is a 50 plus group of warm, active and friendly women and men. In addition to monthly programs with food, speakers or entertainment, we have a Book Club, a Movie Club, and a Singles Club. The group has interesting day trips and the people on the various committees work diligently to provide the best programs, social experiences and refreshments.

Board Rep: Rita Cohen

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee welcomes new members to our Temple Judea family by delivering baked goods and cards to new members, checking in with new members throughout the year and creating programs to build and strengthen both new and old relationships at Temple Judea.

Committee Chair: Rich Yoffee
Staff Liaison: Gail Becker

Men’s Club

The Temple Judea Men’s Club is dedicated to bringing the men of Temple Judea together in friendship while facilitating a meaningful and relevant connection to our community, under the principles of Torah. Men’s Club is open to all the men of the congregation, both Jewish and non-Jewish, ages 18 and over. Come to one of our meetings or events and see what’s happening. Also, look for our eNewsletter which will keep you up-to-date on all of our activities.

President: Mike Kogan

Newsletter Editorial Committee

Temple Judea publishes a monthly newsletter with information about upcoming events and news of interest to and about our congregants. Advertising space is also available. If you fancy yourself a budding reporter or just like to write, please consider joining our staff. Photography is also welcome.

Editors: Lesley Weissman-Cook, Gail Snyder
Layout and Design: Ruth Lax
Staff Liaison: Gail Becker

Religious School Committee

Temple Judea’s Religious School has a creative and engaging learning environment based on a dynamic and evolving curriculum emphasizing G-d, Torah, and Tikkun Olam. The Religious School Steering Committee supports the Religious School professional staff by helping to set goals and develop action plans to guide curriculum, review school policies, approve annual budget, and undertake long-range planning for the school. The Religious School committee coordinates with the Parent Association to implement teacher appreciation activities, assist with school fundraisers, and other activities to further connect with parents of religious school students.

Chair: Carey Stolber
Staff Liaison: Rebecca Slavin-Phillips, PhD.

Religious School Parent Association

The Religious School Parent Association is a subgroup of the Temple Judea Religious School Committee. The Parent Association works in cooperation with the committee to coordinate teacher appreciation programs, provide support when extra hands are needed for special programs such as the Purim Carnival, to discuss ideas and concerns about what is happening in the Religious School, and to be a sounding board for ideas that come from the Religious School Committee prior to being disseminated to the congregation or the Board. The Association is comprised of representatives from all grades and may include others who desire to be members, whether or not they have children in Religious School.

Chair: Carey Stolber
Staff Liaison: Rebecca Slavin-Phillips, PhD.

Ritual Committee

The Ritual Committee, working closely with the Rabbi, is integral in shaping the Reform spiritual life of Temple Judea. The Committee meets monthly in order to plan and facilitate religious programs and services for Shabbat, holidays, and special events. The Ritual Committee also reviews ritual policies and procedures and makes recommendations. Members of the Committee work together to ensure the integrity of our worship services, while striving to provide worship experiences that are meaningful and accessible to all congregants.

Chairperson: Meryl Berdinka
Staff Liaison: Cantor Paul Frimark


Temple Judea’s Sisterhood brings together women to serve our Temple, support our community and enrich our lives through social events, educational and spiritual programs, fundraising and community service. We are a diverse group of woman who offers a warm and inspiring environment, enabling women to make new friends or deepen relationships they already have. Without you we are one woman short!

Board Rep: Risa Neiman

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee coordinates Temple Judea’s activities related to tikkun olam – working together to repair the world. Our efforts include programs that help people in need and provide a connection between our congregation and the community at large. Members of the committee participate in organizing and publicizing specific programs, determining what activities we will undertake, and setting the direction for Social Action efforts at Temple Judea.

Staff Liaison:Gail Becker

Youth Committee

Temple Judea has a diverse and energetic youth program. The youth program is divided into 4 divisions based on grade level: 3-4, 5-6, Jr JUSTY (7-8) and JUSTY (9-12). The Youth Committee oversees programming and discusses policy with regard to youth programming. Programming for JUSTY and Jr JUSTY is planned and carried out by the Youth Advisor working with an elected board of high school students. Programs for the younger groups are planned and supervised by parent volunteers. One popular program is the monthly Wednesday Night Pizza night for grades 4-6. New members are always welcome.

Co-Chairs: Jerel Wohl and Steve Eisenberg

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